Borshch Or Blintz? The Russian Foods You Simply Must Try

Borshch Or Blintz? The Russian Foods You Simply Must Try


You may have found out about Russian food, however had not very many chances to test any of the country’s downplayed cooking. Visiting the nation is the ideal chance to grow your Russian food and drink information past just  russian chocolate    vodka and chicken kievs. On the off chance that you make it however a Russian journey without attempting any, if not all, of the accompanying, you’ve not been to Russia!




This is most likely one of Russia’s characterizing dishes. You may consider what precisely is so stunning about a bowl of cabbage in meat stock. It is a staple and speaks to Russia’s rich history. This soup from the Soviet kitchen was eaten by laborers and at the high table of the Kremlin the same. It gets its suitably hued redness from its primary fixing – the beetroot.


Borshch is fairly an impostor in that it started from the Ukrainian, however is presently thought of as quintessentially Russian food. The name for the soup originates from the Slav ‘borshchevik’ which alludes to hogweed, a spice whose leaves and stalks were usually utilized for stocks. It tends to be served both hot and cold and generally is supplemented with bubbled potatoes or a spot of Slivki (soured cream).


Different soups found in Russia incorporate Okroshka, a cool, new stock made with Kvass (bread lager) and vegetables such a cucumber and spring onions, and Solyanka, a thick soup with somewhat of a hot kick normally containing either meat fish or mushrooms.


Borshch is generally made with pork fat, yet the Jewish variety will utilize a choice to conform to the fit food laws.




Each country has its dumpling, and Pelmeni is the Russian form. The filling is enveloped by unleavened mixture produced using flour, water and here and there egg. They started from Tartastan in Siberia yet some accept they got from China, consequently the utilization of flavors. The filling is commonplace a meatball-type blend.


Meat Stroganov


Stroganov has its causes in nineteenth century Russia. The dish of sautéed hamburger in a sauce with sharp cream, onions and mushrooms is thought to get its name from Russian ambassador, Count Pavel Strognanoff.




These are little buns, which have been heated or singed and contain an assortment of fillings. It is presumably the Russian partner to the pie. They come both in sweet and exquisite, with fillings fluctuating from stewed apples and new natural product to curds, vegetables, bubbled eggs, fish and meat.


They get their regular brilliant appearance from an egg look before they are cooked. Greeks and Latvians additionally have their own form of the ‘stuffed bun’.




Otherwise called Blini, it is a conventional Russian hotcake not very unique in relation to a crepe. Flapjacks in Russia are normally made with yeasted player, which is left to rise and afterward weakened with water or milk. They are then heated in a conventional broiler, yet these days they are normally seared. These are best presented with sharp cream, jam, nectar or caviar.

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